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1st of 3 Guidelines to Boost the Value of Your Strategic Plan

July 27, 2007

three (3) Critical Guidelines to Improve Your Strategic Plan

If we (Performance Solutions Technology) were consulting with you today, and looking at your Strategic Plan, we would be emphasizing three important constructs that dramatically improve the ability of your Strategic Plan to deliver business results. They take it from being a plan, to something you can put into place and execute… all year long. Let’s go over what we emphasize:

 1. The Strategic Plan is about “must have” growth – nothing else. Bottom line, all of your strategic goals should be about growth, example: growing sales, growing people’s effectiveness, growing internal efficiencies. Growth is what we are after; not mission statements, not organizational philosophy, not politically correct statements (to insure every group has a line item in the Strategic Plan) – just growth.And not just any growth. Not just nice-to-have growth, “wouldn’t it be nice/good/we really should” growth – you want to keep your Strategic Plan very lean and mean, and limit it to just the areas of growth that will power the business forward.  Be thinking in terms of the opportunities given your strengths and the market landscape that are mandatory for the growth of the business.

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July 12, 2011 6:19 am

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