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    • Designed to help you and your team work smarter
    • One place to handle all the details you need to cover to manage people and projects
    • Makes it 10 times easier to work with great visibility, ownership and aligned priorities
    • Ultimately it's All About YOU, and the Results YOU Want to Accomplish Through Others

What’s the Outcome YOU Want?

  1. Better organization, more accountability, easier task & project tracking, one place to manage it all?
  2. Better Results with Less Hassle or perhaps to accomplish a difficult, complex objective.
  3. Whatever it is, we know you are going to get there by coordinating and collaborating with others, and in so doing we bet you would like to get rid of the frustration and cost of people:
    • Not working the right priority, or
    • Not following the plan or
    • Not keeping everyone updated when they finished or got stuck and needed help
Business People

So How Does Software Get YOU To Those Outcomes?

  1. Let’s get honest, software is a fantastic enabler, but buying software doesn’t magically produce better collaboration or results
  2. In fact, more than 60+% of the time, simply buying standard project management tools doesn’t result in people coordinating or working more effectively
  3. So how does purchasing ManagePro get what you want?
  4. Well, it starts with how you define the problem to be solved, and ends with our approach and software differentiators.

People At Work

The Solution Isn’t Better Project Management Tools, It’s Working Smarter

    1. In fact most people in your position spend more time managing people than they do projects
    2. It’s clear that the problem and solution is only partially project based, with the rest being provided by a software technology to support you and your direct reports working smarter:
      • Work with heightened visibility, ownership and priority setting, so that everyone is on the same page
      • More effectively coordinate with each other and use their time and resources, so you all create happy customers with less effort
      • Work together with common values that drive the processes need to reach your desired outcomes
      • Organize and manage in one ManagePro environment 80% of what crosses your desk, whether it’s employees, vendors, projects, deliverables or anything else for which you are responsible

Bottom Line: we provide the software (ManagePro) and the guidance to help you reach your targets and outcomes through helping people work… well, smarter. Click more to review a few of the distinctives in our approach and ManagePro, starting with flexibility; as it doesn’t own you or force you into a “one size fits all” format, because let’s face it, we all have different needs.

  1. Our approach is different, starting with the fact we’re more interested in getting you results, than selling you software. You’ll notice it the first time you call. Not only can you get an expert on the phone during business hours, but we understand people and performance and how to help you navigate to better outcomes. We know and will help you with the questions and the process you’ll be navigating as you improve performance. Our founder is a psychologist and consultant to organizations on improving performance, and sets the standard here for everyone here to be good at technical, people and performance issues.
  2. Start simple, but don’t get stuck with simple. ManagePro combines a range of tools from simple organizing and tracking, to complex analytics and dashboards in one application. We combine all of these tools in one application so that you can start as simple and easy as you want, but won’t run out of horsepower as your expertise or scope of work grows. Very quickly you’ll find out you need more than an advanced to-do list to get the results you want.
  3. ManagePro actively integrates with email, especially Outlook, by synchronizing your calendar and to-do list, as well as enabling you to drop and drag email into ManagePro. That’s right, we have built a bridge to Outlook that not allows you to drag and drop email right into your work plans and calendar. It’s a huge time saver and effective guard against details in emails slipping through the cracks.
  4. ManagePro is designed to be flexible and customized to your needs. It doesn’t own you or force you into a “one size all” format, because let’s face it, we all have different needs. ManagePro can be configured for all different kinds of business applications, and even present different screen displays for different user groups within one organization, all while retaining a core engine of plan and prioritize your work, update the plan, and track your results with metrics to help everyone stay focused. Got something you need the program to do specific to your business? We can build that in for you at a very low cost. We literally can wrap the program around your business needs. It’s part of what makes ManagePro different and you successful!

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