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Check Out if This Software is Designed for You!

  • Do you get your work done through others?

  • Get hundreds of emails a day?

  • Is your schedule booked with meeting after meeting?

  • Is it difficult to find time for creative, strategic thinking?

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If This Sounds Like You, We Understand – It’s A Lot to Keep Up With and Still Deliver

  • As You Know, most people in management get sucked into managing by meetings and Power Point presentations. Not the best choice

  • ERP and Project Management Tools are a help, but given the people dynamics involved they don’t magically produce better collaboration or results

  • What are you supposed to do?…
    Glad you asked, we’ve got a tool designed specifically for your situation


What if You Had a Tool To Keep Track of Everything that Crosses Your Desk?

  • It would track any project, any initiative, any strategic goal

  • You and your direct results would have better clarity on priorities the plan and the results

  • You would no longer be dependent on meetings, with the current status only one click away

  • And the Tool Would Break Everything Down Into a Weekly Schedule

Weekly Breakdown

The Tool is ManagePro
It’s the ultimate software for anyone in management, anyone who gets their work done through direct reports. Scroll below to watch a 90 second tour of ManagePro and view what our customers write about us.  Then give us a call and let’s get it working for you.

90 Second ManagePro Overview Tour

Think of ManagePro as one application to help you manage everything that comes across your desk and all the people who work for you. To that end, you find all of your projects on the left side, organized in what ever manner suits you best, and all the details on the right. More specifically you’ll find your projects and tasks available in an Outline format in the Main Workspace, as well as a mind map format, a gantt chart, a scorecard view and an analytic view. On the right side you’ll find the details for any record selected on the left, plus documents, any to-dos or reminders and the all important progress updates. You’ll also find you calendar, and yes it syncs with Outlook, as well as a portal to run any web based app you need, plus a comprehensive to-do list across all of your scope of work. Btw, the primary workspace or outline view, can be easily configured to suit each user group’s need, marketing as one set of needs, service has another, the program enables you to get it right for each group. The program will run on your desktop, in the cloud or in a light version via your browsers. One last thing. You can email anything out of ManagePro, but the best part is you can grab emails out of your inbox and drag and drop them into your project files as updates or onto your calendar so not a single detail slips through the cracks. There it is, one place to manage it all.


Read how our customers describe the value they receive from using ManagePro.


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